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Bolder BioTechnology, Inc. is a clinical stage protein therapeutics company dedicated to providing patients with easier to use, safer, and more cost effective treatments for their disease. Most protein pharmaceuticals require frequent, often daily, dosing, typically by injection. There is a large unmet medical need for innovative protein drugs that do not require frequent administration. Our products address that need. We use advanced protein engineering and targeted bioconjugation technologies to create longer-acting, more potent versions of existing FDA-approved protein pharmaceuticals (Enhanced Protein Therapeutics) that can be administered less frequently, e.g., weekly to monthly, but with comparable or superior efficacy compared to currently marketed products. Our diversified product pipeline targets markets with greater than $20 billion in annual sales and includes treatments for hematological and endocrine disorders, cancer and infectious diseases.

Deep and diversified pipeline

Multiple product candidates targeting markets with > $20 billion in annual sales

Enhanced Protein Therapeutics

Less frequent dosing, improved safety and greater efficacy

Leader in site-specific bioconjugation

Selectively modify proteins to improve their functional properties